For businessmen, setting up an offshore corporation is a highly ambitious dream. To fulfil the dream in a short span of time, many of them have adopted the idea of setting up a ready-made company in a foreign land. Be it the UK, BVI, Mauritius, Belize or Panama, establishing a shelf company is not a big deal there. Offshore incorporation companies like GR Morgan Formations assist you in this project. These agencies are called specialist in offering offshore company formation services.
offshore company formation servicesA ready-made company is a company that has been already registered or ready to approve for immediate registration. Such companies are available for immediate selling. They have a unique company name which is suitable for any business. Getting the company number, bank account and VAT number for such companies becomes easier. The majority of them have never traded or have not entered in any obligations or dealings. Their documents have been kept motionless or in the shelf. For such companies, only their “names” are reserved for registration.

1. Establishing a ready-made offshore company saves time if you are looking for quick turnaround.
2. Setting up a foreign business becomes easier. Clients find convenience in business registration process. They are able to keep themselves away from the probability of rejection of their business names. The process of business registration goes straight and clean. Fewer obligations are faced by them who are looking for ready-made company registration.
3. Designing a new company name is sometimes an onerous task which is solved with establishing a shelf company. Clients find space to focus on work setup rather than wasting their precious time in taking decision over the unique name of the company.

These are some golden advantages of shelf companies. If you are looking to setup a ready-made offshore organization in the UK consult GR Morgan Formations, a specialist in offshore corporations in the UK, Belize, Hong Kong, BVI, Panama and many other nations. You will get a unique and suitable name for your company. Your offshore business venture will go smooth with less trouble in bank account setup and VAT registration. Other supports are also provided like legal assistance, mail forwarding, nominee services and full virtual office setup.

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