Do you own a business?  If you do you most likely tend to spend quite a bit of time thinking on how you can give things more stability and also ensure the growth of your company. If this sounds like you, a simple option to help is to turn your company into a corporation. Incorporation is actually the act of filing your company as a corporation which involves various requirements depending on the country that you are incorporate. There are many different benefits to structuring your business.


Financial Stability

Being a business owner, you probably tend to invest in your business both financially as well as emotionally.  In a sole proprietorship you are accountable for all the debts that the company takes on. In corporations, investors, board members, and directors are only accountable for their investments but not the company’s overall obligations and debts once your business achieves a certain credit rating.

Limited Liability

Forming a corporation means that your property and assets may be safe from any lawsuits, bankruptcy or other problems that can arise in business.  This can help provide peace of mind when you are taking risks to grow your company.


A corporation makes it easy to plan your business’s future.  You can set up a board of directors to oversee the affairs in the event of an accident or death.  Your corporation can then comfortably survive regardless of deaths of the board members or even the directors.

Selling stock

Corporations may raise funds by selling the shares of stock in the company. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this can dilute the possession of the company.  Although, to have the funds necessary to increase your companies value can be a powerful tool, and you can control the rate at which your stock is sold.

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