Mauritius is one of the best places to start a foreign business. The island offers to invest in varieties of sectors including export and import, manufacturing, aviation etc… The place offers vitals of opportunities to grow to foreign investors by offering them to invest either in GBC1 or GBC2. Today, the land has become a central of attraction to many investors across the world. It is considered the safe place to invest. Companies that are looking for a foreign company formation in Mauritius, should be much aware of GBC1 and GBC2 company formation. Understanding to differentiate between GBC 1 and 2 gives the opportunity of safe investment.
Mauritius GBC1 companies are resident in Mauritius that consequently subject to tax. These companies gets benefits from tax credits and are allowed to do structure investments with Mauritius treaty partners including Luxembourg, India, China and Thailand. The companies ACT and Mauritius Financial Service Commissions are regulated to all GBC1 companies. They get a business license and are allowed to invest in various types of businesses across the world. Setting up a GBC1 organization takes around 3-4 weeks. The taxation varies from 0% to 3%. They are liable for double taxation. Various types of currencies are run for the business. In terms of rules and regulations, GBC1 companies have to follow some rules and regulations. According to the rules, GBC1 companies have required minimum 2 directors. It is must to appoint 2 local directors. Such companies should have at least one share holder and a company secretary is must to appoint. Audit for the business is must. As well as it is important to fill the account on time.
A GBC2 company has found several types of work freedom. It is free from tax and the company setup rules and regulations for them are easy to follow. But they cannot do business with Mauritius business partners. They are not resident companies, therefore, the corporate tax on them is of 0%. There is no double tax. Various types of currencies can be used by them. It is must for them to appoint at least 1 director. Appointing a company secretary is optional for them.
To establish an  offshore formation in Mauritius, it is important to do a proper planning. Hiring a company formation agency is an excellent idea as they are smart in handling company formation issues smartly. They are mastered in dealing with various types of offshore company formation services including appointing a secretary, establishing a virtual office and official work.

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