Each single company must be conceived on the basis of a top winning marketing strategy, otherwise it will be more or less impossible to survive the first 5-10 years after launching the company .

This is a top important reason why so many new startups end up to fail within their first years. The reason is that without a solid and strong business mentality the way to go becomes harder and harder.

Ladbrokes is a really great example of how a company which has always been focused on sports and sport betting services, at some point, can move to different fields of the entertainment industry, exploring the new horizons of the gaming field.

Games – A Completely New Appealing Cleopatra

As a game provider of top appealing casino games, Ladbrokes is currently launching its completely revised version of a traditional slot game: Cleopatra.

Possibly, the youngest generation of slot players doesn’t know that much about this crazily cool slot machine, which once was the most attractive game in most land based Vegas casinos.

Players of the old vintage Vegas used to walk the entire city of Vegas in order to find the right casino facility where to play this amazing slot machine. Today, Ladbrokes wants t bring back all the charming atmosphere of the classic game adding something new and more appealing.

Cleopatra – Find Out The News!

In the new version of Cleopatra slot game, Ladbrokes decided to unify classic and modern. The mix gave birth to a completely appealing new version of the game which includes advanced technology features. The seducing voice of the beautiful queen is an extremely new sound effect that only the Ladbrokes version of this slot game offers to its players.

New symbols replace standard ones: deserts, camels, archeologists and sphinxes. In particular, sphinxes are the most important symbols of this amazing slot game.

In fact, 2 or more sphinxes appearing on the same reel of the game give players a scatter award. In order to learn the amount of the award you can visit the Paytable page.

Moreover, if 3 or more sphinxes appear on any position in the reel of the game, players earn 15 FREE spins! The free spins are automatically played by the Cleopatra game system. For all prize amounts, consider to visit the Paytable page.

Slot Games & Ladbrokes Range

The amazing new version of Cleopatra classic slot game represents just one of the top most appealing Ladbrokes slots.

In fact, Ladbrokes features over 500 titles of different slot games, including the best Cleopatra slot game and many other titles from the most classic tradition of Vegas, such as Bejeweled 2 .

New slot games are also fully inspired to the cartoon series, like The Incredible Hulk slot game or the SuperMan slot game.

The classic folkloristic legends of Ireland do also represent an important source of inspiration for top played Ladbrokes slot games, such as Rainbow Riches and its golden treasures at the end of the rainbow.

Ladbrokes Welcome Offer

All players who will register their new account on Ladbrokes Casino are kindly rewarded with a nice Welcome Bonus offer which consists in a 100% match deposit bonus for all players who live in the UK – check more in detail for your Country in order to see what Ladbrokes has in store for you!

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