Latvia has developed into one of the best places for setting up offshore corporation. The country has many positive factors that encourage investors across the world to invest here. The article is throwing some lights on why and how to set-up offshore incorporation in Latvia.


Why & How Offshore Corporation in Latvia Latvia is one of the highest GDP growths in Europe. The country has good economic growth and is a member of World Trade Organization that allows investors of Latvia to trade in multiple nations, especially Eastern and Western Russian speaking countries. Latvia invites registration as Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company and setting up a branch in the nation. The registration process is simple. During registration process, it is must to pay minimum equity capital of EUR 2850. Corporate tax rate is lower, just 15%. Requirements of company set-up in Latvia require registered address, shareholders (not necessary from Latvia) and minimum share capital.


Setting up a business in the country is not so difficult but can be time consuming. To save your important time that you can utilize during your company set-up, it is ideal to look for Offshore corporate structure agents. These agents are expert in providing wide ranges of company formation services. They offer company set-up packages like offshore banking, corporate setup address, virtual office, accounting and legal assistance. Such packages can be customized according to your demand. Personalizing packages are able to make company setup easy and fast. A reputed offshore agent helps to open a bank account with an offshore bank in a short period of time. The agency conducts meetings with the representative of the bank and assists in arranging necessary papers to open a bank account.

Virtual office assistance is offered where you can operate your offshore office from the comfort of your own country. Call forwarding and email forwarding services are offered. A registered office address is provided to make your foreign corporate setup successful in Latvia. If you face any legal issue in Latvia, legal assistance is provided by providing expert lawyers and other notary services. Accounting outsourcing is one of the most attractive services of offshore company agencies. They offer budget calculation, payroll handling and other important accounting services at an affordable price.
 Latvia offshore formation is something that you have found easy with the help of offshore company agencies. They offer top quality company setup services and provide round the clock assistance.


Mauritius is one of the best places to start a foreign business. The island offers to invest in varieties of sectors including export and import, manufacturing, aviation etc… The place offers vitals of opportunities to grow to foreign investors by offering them to invest either in GBC1 or GBC2. Today, the land has become a central of attraction to many investors across the world. It is considered the safe place to invest. Companies that are looking for a foreign company formation in Mauritius, should be much aware of GBC1 and GBC2 company formation. Understanding to differentiate between GBC 1 and 2 gives the opportunity of safe investment.
Mauritius GBC1 companies are resident in Mauritius that consequently subject to tax. These companies gets benefits from tax credits and are allowed to do structure investments with Mauritius treaty partners including Luxembourg, India, China and Thailand. The companies ACT and Mauritius Financial Service Commissions are regulated to all GBC1 companies. They get a business license and are allowed to invest in various types of businesses across the world. Setting up a GBC1 organization takes around 3-4 weeks. The taxation varies from 0% to 3%. They are liable for double taxation. Various types of currencies are run for the business. In terms of rules and regulations, GBC1 companies have to follow some rules and regulations. According to the rules, GBC1 companies have required minimum 2 directors. It is must to appoint 2 local directors. Such companies should have at least one share holder and a company secretary is must to appoint. Audit for the business is must. As well as it is important to fill the account on time.
A GBC2 company has found several types of work freedom. It is free from tax and the company setup rules and regulations for them are easy to follow. But they cannot do business with Mauritius business partners. They are not resident companies, therefore, the corporate tax on them is of 0%. There is no double tax. Various types of currencies can be used by them. It is must for them to appoint at least 1 director. Appointing a company secretary is optional for them.
To establish an  offshore formation in Mauritius, it is important to do a proper planning. Hiring a company formation agency is an excellent idea as they are smart in handling company formation issues smartly. They are mastered in dealing with various types of offshore company formation services including appointing a secretary, establishing a virtual office and official work.

Belize is one of the most outstanding destinations for foreign business establishment. The destination is located in Central America.  It allows to establish joint and private limited venture. Establishing a business in Belize is profitable because the work culture of Belize is much similar to the work culture of the US and the UK. English is a prime language of the country. Belize is constantly progressing since after independence. The country has formed its unique recognition in the field of offshore business establishment. It shares health economic relation with top nations of the world. The business setup rules are easy to follow. There is no yearly auditing. The government of the country needs only the fees of renewal of the company.

To start a private limited company in Belize, it is advised to register the company first with a unique name. There is no hard and fast rules for company registration. It can be done online. It is done to keep records of offshore investors to Belize.

When the company registration task is over, it is advised to invest in the office formation. It is must to have a local company address to start a business in a Belize. If you want to start production as soon as possible, a virtual office can be operated. It takes a little time to start.

Starting banking with a local bank of Belize is equally important. Open a corporate bank account with a major bank of Belize in order to avoid any type of banking related issue so that you can able to focus on your business growth.

Guiding from an expert is an excellent idea if you think that you cannot form a company in Belize in a short span of time. Belize offshore incorporation agencies can be helpful. They are expert in dealing with wide varieties of company formation related issues. They allow you to form a company in Belize without going lengthy procedures. Company registration, office formation, bank account formation, accountancy service, office assistant help and attorney assistance, all types of services are offered by these agencies smartly. They are expert in resolving various company formation issues with the help of smart company formation packages. One has freedom to choose the package that suits to their company progress and fits to their budget. These agencies have been helped a large number of foreign investors across the world. They have fulfilled the dream of offshore business to not only big but also small investors.

Belize is one of the most suitable foreign lands for various types of foreign investment. The country offers safe and secure business environment. There are various types of positive factors that encourage foreign investors to invest in Belize.

Growing Economy

This is one of the prime reasons for selecting Belize for offshore investment. The country has found growing economy. Since its freedom in 1981, the economy of the land is growing fast. The government of Belize is dedicated to develop Belize as an economically powerful nation. Due to the growing economy of Belize, offshore investment is considered safe there.

Stable Political Condition

Belize has stable political condition which is a positive sign for any type of business. A stable government plays an important role in the economic growth of the country. Therefore, from the view of foreign business establishment, Belize is one of the best choices to choose.

No Language Barrier

The country is located in Central America and English is one of the prime languages of Belize. The country’s people have found English as the prime official language. It indicates that there is no language barrier come in the way of your business. There will be no communication gap seen during conversation. Easy and smooth communication encourages a business to perform well in the market.

Privacy and confidentiality

Belize offers to protect foreign businessmen privacy if they wish to. The law of the nation offers to appoint a nominee director and nominee shareholder. You can able to keep the identity of ownership secure or undisclosed in front of public. The type of freedom is rarely seen in other countries that welcome foreigners for business setup. It is one of the biggest positive signs for foreign investors who want to maintain privacy in setting up their foreign business.

Tax Freedom

International businessmen who have established their occupation in Belize but the business activities are doing from outside can find tax heaven. In other words, they don’t need to pay any type of tax. They can have business property in Belize but all types of business activities are performed outside. In this case, they are only responsible to renew the company papers every year. A nominal fee is required to pay off every year.

Low Cost Business Setup

If you are dreaming for low cost societe offshore, Belize is one of the best options to go with. The country offers to setup an occupation at a minimum cost. Without investing much it is possible to setup a budget business in Belize.