British Virgin Islands is best known as BVI. It is one of the most famous lands for offshore investment. Today, multiple foreign companies have been setup successfully in the island. The first International Business Companies Act was built in 1984. In 2004, it was rebuilt to make it more flexible. The latest Companies Act of BVI was changed in 2007. The government of the land offers hassle free investment opportunities to all types of legal foreign investors. Its administration is easy to follow and flexible. Corporate tax is 0%. Investors who are interested in BVI investment, it is must for them to follow some business setup tips or tricks.
Corporate Setup Features
Before they establish a business in BVI, corporate setup features are must to be aware. The land offers to establish BC type of company to foreign investment.  The law system for BCs is common and easy to follow. As mentioned above, the corporate tax is nil that is a huge saving and profitable deal for investors.  There is no double taxation treaty access.  Investor can use standard currency here. It means they can invest in US currency and any type of valid currency. Minimum share capital paid up is US $1 and the number of shares issued is minimum 50,000. There are some rules setup for appointment of directors and company secretaries. Minimum number of director is at least one. It is not necessary to appoint a local director. It is not essential for directors to publicly reveal records of the company. They are allowed to organize meetings anywhere. Appointing a company secretary is optional. A company secretary could be from anywhere. In terms of accounting, the government of BVI seems to be much flexible therefore investment in the island seems very attractive. Preparation of account is must but audit requirements, file accounts and publicly accessible accounts are not much essential to make. Exemption from annual return is offered. Changes in domicile are permitted. A fee has been setup for offshore companies in British Virgin Islands which is must to pay off timely. Late payment could result of a fine and put your business setup in trouble.

BVI offshore company formation Offshore Company Formation Agencies
Your BVI investment becomes easier and interesting, if you take help from experts like offshore company setup organizations. Attractive setup packages are offered by these agencies. They offer flexible plans that could be customized as per your choice. An attractive company setup package includes business registration at fast speed, offshore banking, corporate assistance like accounting, company secretary and other paper work, virtual office setup and deal with any law issue. Full company establishment support is provided by such agencies. Not only big but also small investors can ask for BVI offshore company formation from a formation agency. It reduces the setup cost, organizes work pattern systematically and helps to get success in the foreign investment. It is important to hire a reputed company formation agency like GR Morgan Formations to find the service that you are expecting for.

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