Seychelles offshore company formationSeychelles is one of the best destinations for offshore company formation. The place invites investors of all parts of the world for IBC formation. Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean whose capital is Victoria. Multiple languages are speak and used for official purpose including French, English and Seychelles Creole. So, offshore investors find easy to settle their business in Seychelles.

The government of the island has been formed some easy rules and regulation for offshore setup. Formation of a company takes place rapidly. Offshore company formation agencies like GR Morgan Formations help foreign investors to invest in Seychelles. They offer wide varieties of services considering the law and taxation systems of Seychelles. Affordable and customized incorporation packages are offered by company formation agencies.

Full Virtual Office Support

GR Morgan Formations offer full complete virtual office setup assistance. It is a smart alternative if you don’t wish for a physical space in Seychelles. In this service, a virtual office is provided with an address, telephone answering service with your company name and mail forwarding. It offers access to superior quality corporate meeting rooms and easy broadband connection. It means you are in your country but has full control on operating your offshore business in Seychelles.

Offshore Banking

Seychelles offshore company formation requires you to setup your business account. It may be time consuming and lengthy if you have no referral for offshore bank account setup. A company formation agency assists you to open an offshore account for your IBC. Such agencies are well associated with top foreign banks of the world. They are well aware of accounting opening procedures, providing assistance for filling the bank account form and arranging all important documents like certified passport, reference letter, address proof etc… The offshore company formation agency also arranges a meeting with a bank executive if necessary.

Secretarial Service

Do you need a secretary for running an offshore business in Seychelles? You can ask your company formation agent about this. Within a short period, they arrange a secretary for you who will work for a certain period of time and meanwhile you can find out a secretary for your firm.
Law & Notary

Though, law of Seychelles is very simple, in case you are in a legal trouble ask instant assistance from GR Morgan Formations. The offshore company setup agency provides notary and any type of legal assistance. It has a team of well experienced lawyers.