Offshore banking is an excellent way of keeping your money safe while enjoying some appealing returns. From a banking point of view, the degree of convenience offshore has to offer is remarkable. With so many taxpayer havens dispersed throughout the world, there is no wonder more and more foreigners are carefully looking into the offshore alternative. Deciding upon the best type of banking to choose and choosing the right bank are activities prone to take up quite some time and effort. But once you have gone past those, you should be able to collect the furits of your endeavors and they will definitely taste sweet.

Why Should A Bingo Site Go Offshore

First of all, the matter of gambling sites and companies going offshore is not new to the table. In a not so distant past, a large number of bingo sites used to take their deposits off UK players in an unrestricted manner as long as they belonged to the “white list”. Nevertheless, these sites’ interest mainly fell on finding ways of boosting their revenues and caring less and less about the players. Needless to say this has led to the need to better regulated these companies and websites and limit their power. The number of gambling sites allowed to use credit cards has dropped sensitively due to these changes, and many sites were forced to shut down. As expected, clever entrepreneurs thought of new ways of coming back on the market, and this is about the time the offshore alternative started to gain serious ground.

Why Are Many Bingo Sites Offshore?

Taking a gaming or gambling venue online offshore is prone to have palpable advantages in the form of better managed, guarded, and multiplied finances. Just like businesses all over the globe choose to take their matters offshore, many bingo companies choose to do the same. Here are a few advantages of going offshore:

  • Offshore bingo companies are not subject to taxation in their home jurisdictions;
  • Business flexibility can be achieved a lot easier thanks to the newly designed corporate regime;
  • Corporate activities will be regulated with less complexity compared to regulations indie developed countries around the globe.

In other words, a lot more advantages for owners of bingo companies whether in the UK or somewhere else. If you are familiar with the platform online, you should know these fellows are operated by Cozygames Management Limited which is registered in the Isle of Man and regulated by the Gambling Commission. In other words, they are registered in a popular offshore jurisdiction that features modern banking legislation, as well as collective investment funds, good insurance, and many investments and trust companies that do a good job protecting them. The site is dedicated to bingo fans and it hosts a rich selection of bingo variants, but it is also known to display many side casino, slots, scratch cards, or free bets and roulette games. The site is 100% safe and secure to make deposits and withdrawals on and it is frequently visited by a large number of players every day.